Yoyodyne Entertainment Systems

Since inheriting the Yoyodyne offices I’ve slowly been making my way through half filled cardboard crates of games. One of the first boxes I found had a couple of early games from the Yoyodyne sports collection.

This one caught my eye, I wasn't familiar with Susan Butcher but found out that my relative had produced this game after her 1982 2nd place finish in the famous thousand-mile Alaskan dog race.

Susan would go on to become the second woman to ever win the Iditarod and eventually win four times. Presumably by then she was entertaining offers from much bigger industry names than Yoyodyne. Had this made it to market in '83, perhaps they would have developed a long-term business partnership and Yoyodyne could have ridden her coattails to the top of the dog-sledding video game world.

The game never saw the light of day, but it does appear to be complete and playable.

Controls: If you're playing in the browser, 'Z' will start the game and also “mush”. The arrow keys control the sled.

Don't Miss: Be sure to play to the ending screen to see an incredibly recreation of the Alaska state flag.

Overall: Collision detection is flaky and sometimes an unfair course is generated. The various creatures you encounter along the way are interesting, including the elusive Lady Yeti and the mysterious fan that restores your lost dogs. Wish they had more to do.

Rating: Like Susan's finish in the 1985 Iditarod, famously ruined by a crazed moose, this game does not place.

One of the first boxes I opened was a pile of large floppy disks. It looks like these were various intro animations.

This first one seems incredibly indulgent, it takes about 30 seconds to run. I can't imagine sitting through that before playing a round of Improv: The Video Game.

Anyway, with no further ado, here is the original YES logo animation:

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